Cherafafe landslide

Cherafafe landslide


Main objectives


The main aim of GEO-RISK-MOR is to approach the multiple and complex interactions that underlie the vulnerability of a region, and to analyze both climate and non-climate related components of natural risk and societal response to this risk (in term of occupation dynamics and perception).

This will be achieved by mobilizing the partners within this network on two specific regions in Morocco for which risks indicators and societal response will be estimated. We intend to focus our skills on :

  • coastal areas (atlantic and mediterranean), with relatively high demographic pressure and several development projects (port and tourist infrasutructures…).Two specific areas will be concerned: the bay of Agadir and the coastal zone in Tetouan where there is a need to better forecasting landslides, coastal erosion in order to understand the natural and human-related factors that control these perturbations and to improve risk assessment;
  • mountainous regions (with less demographic pressure) where natural hazards (through climate and tectonic forcing factors) may also cause environmental changes with societal impact on various time scales. In particular, we will study climate and environmental variability and sensitivity in natural lacustrine systems in the Middle Atlas and morphogenesis and seismic risk in the Rifan active tectonic area.

Research projects (coordinated by the project partners) in both selected areas are already on-going research projects (funded through French – Moroccan, LABEX OT-Med and ECCOREV programs) in relation with each discipline (geosciences, humanities).

In this context, the interdisciplinary network aims at identifying reliable risk’s indicators and societal responses related to each type of risk in order to provide an organisational framework for the prevention of natural hazards.


Specific objectives


Providing risk indicators integrating geological and societal aspects of the risk






Critical analysis of the used indicators and their interactions





Design a methodology for risk prevention and building a resilience capacity